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Welcoming new members to a growing coalition and gaining traction every day.

Come join us.

MCAP represents the dedicated boots on the ground appraisers who have experienced the landscape of changes in our industry and question the protection of its future. Formed in an effort to unify the appraisers in Michigan and collectively give them a voice against the forces against them. Founded in 2014 MCAP is now recognized as one of 30 state affiliates, backed by the National Network of Appraisal Coalitions. A collective establishment of independent state grassroot organizations run by volunteer, working real estate appraisers. This national network represents thousands of small appraisal businesses across the country that operate to serve their clientele with the highest level of integrity and ethics. MCAP is a non-profit entity that consists of active licensed Michigan appraisers only. With a goal to promote, protect and improve the integrity of the appraisal profession. To improve public opinion of appraisers and the appraisal industry by helping in providing legislation, regulation, protection of customary and reasonable fees, statute of limitations and reasonable payment terms for appraisal services. All with full transparent disclosure. This includes input from public and private entities as well as law makers, media sources and users of appraisal services throughout the state. This network is adding new members daily with help from a dedicated staff of educated appraisers in our state. All eager to personally meet you, hear your comments and help us direct the future of Michigan’s only vested state registered coalition.

Mission Statement:

PROMOTE: the interest of the real estate profession within the legislative, regulatory and judicial branches of the State of Michigan government. We do not offer appraisal courses or training in the appraisal industry or sell data.

PROTECT: the public trust of appraisers and the appraisal profession within the State of Michigan and to promote and protect the users of appraisal services.

OBJECTIVE: be a collective voice for Michigan appraisers to promote clear state laws and debate regulatory issues to protect this industry.


Legal non-profit organization fully incorporated through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs as of 2/28/2018

(ID #802162091)

State Tax Employee Identification number: (EIN #832868399)

All legal Bi-laws filed with the state of Michigan.


2.5.2019: Signed letter to Legislative and Regulatory Activities Division, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency concerning Department of Treasury (Docket #OCC 2018-0038) and Federal Reserve System (Docket #R-1639) concerning opposition to the Notice of Proposed Rule-making to raise the de minimis for appraisals for federally-related residential real estate transactions from $250,000 to $400,000.

8.23.2018: Signed letter to Legislative and Regulatory Activities Division, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency concerning OCC 1557-0324, Appraisal Management Companies; Proposed Collection Comment Request: Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies, (No. 2018-N-08)

8.21.2018: Signed letter to Executive Secretary of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council concerning raising the de minimis threshold for Federally Related Transactions.

8.14.2018: Signed letter to Chairman of Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) rejecting request from North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions and the North Dakota Bankers Association for a temporary waiver proceeding under 12 CFR 1102.

3.16.2018: Signed letter to Appraisal Subcommittee, Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council denying TriStar Appraisal Request for a temporary waiver of appraiser certification or licensing requirements.

3.13.2018: Signed letter to Chairman of Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs concerning section 103 of congressional Bill (S.2155) that would forego appraisals in rural states.

3.21.2016: Signed letter to Executive Secretary of Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council concerning raising the de minimis threshold for Federally Related Transactions.

11.9.2015: Signed letter to Mortgage Bankers Association concerning our unity with them.

2018: MCAP attended several officer meetings with other very established coalitions (some with thousands of members) to learn from and advise MCAP on how to establish a respectful, working coalition.

2018: MCAP attended the REVVO/AARO conference in Washington DC.

2018: MCAP attended and was a paying sponsor at the first ever AppraiserFest in San Antonio Texas.

2018: Affiliate member on Phil Crawfords podcast.

Network Affiliation:

We are the 22nd state to join a current list of 30 states that have unified in our direction and purpose.

MCAP sits in on national conference calls with all 30 state coalitions concerning issues/laws/actions that concern our industry on a monthly basis. Some of the smartest, most dedicated people in the nation. We are working with law makers, media podcast, social media and other platforms to aggressively unite our voices in an arena where many have tried to silence our voice. Desktop reports where data is collected by under qualified people and completed by staff appraisers in different states, AMC scope creep and fee structure breakdown that does not follow inflation, cost and time, Data mining companies and hybrids, PIW reports. The list goes on… Our industry is under fire from all directions and the network of coalitions has rapidly become a standing voice to collectively protect our industry.

Moving to a paid membership:

After four years of service our coalition has expanded. Many dedicated appraisers have contributed their time and service to the growth of this coalition and will continue the fight. We can’t stop now. The power of the coalition will represent votes that determine what our state can do within our industry. The voices of the national network coalitions will empower us to oversee what corporations can do within our industry. There is power in collective numbers. From the boots on the ground appraisers who want to be heard. This new year will involve procured voting when issues/laws/actions from outside forces arise (Congressional hearings, legal endeavors, state laws, Fannie Mae, AMC’s, Lenders, membership spending, etc.) that require our voices as a collective established unit. This will require vetted, active licensed appraisers, who will now be heard through one single breathing machine. No need to file your vote, on every issue, or on your own. We are in place for you, because of you, and bring the issues to you, that you feel the need to be addressed. All in full transparency. Appraisers will now have a collective resource to see issues as they evolve, in real time and vote in a diplomatic way to ensure their vested interest is heard. Voting on all issues will be transparent on the MCAP website and votes will be vetted for accuracy and legal purposes to ensure that each vote counts. This takes time and resources; therefore, we want any dues to be minimal. We are starting at $50 this year. That simple. And we have a place to pay online and support MCAP further if you choose. Remember, just finding appraisers is tough.


We will be working with McKissick, Northern and other educational institutions on discounts for con-ed courses and live classrooms. We would like to bring live meetings to other areas that are currently lacking appraiser independence. If you have other ideas, let us know. A new website is now online with news, topics, laws, directory and maybe a podcast in the future. We are always looking for new writers and material. Your welcome here, ask anything. Last, we are fully open to your ideas, suggestions, opinions, anything... This belongs to you. Let us know online what you like and don’t like.


In the past, appraisers were a closed group. We are more transparent now with a furthered need for protection from sources who have a vested interest in the real estate industry and who feel we are imposing on their profit margin. Appraising is still a true art. That must be protected from a robotic lending future that wants full control. It’s been a tedious process through social media, classes, word of mouth, etc. requiring many volunteer hours to get where we are at. MCAP guarantees any future decisions are transparent and has a pure clarity on who we are, what we do and that everyone’s voice is heard. Direct us forward, become active. Your future depends on it.

Please forward this letter to any appraisers you know and give us any input you can provide. It’s time to promote the public trust again. Consumers really do need us now more than ever…